About me

Hi! My name is Pawel, and I am a software developer. I am currently working remotely from home as a fullstack developer, mostly involve in java projects with javaee and angular.

Inspired by John Sonmez’s book “The Complete Software Developer’s Career” I have decided to start my own blog, and write some thoughts about programming, IT stuff etc..

I remember in college that I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge with my colleagues in a dormitory, it was really nice time. I thought since I do not longer live there, I will try to do it here.

I very much agree with Venkat Subramaniam that once said

Knowledge is a wealth that grows when given

I really like that saying…

Beside IT world, I do lots of other stuff. I play drums (YT), I workout, I try to cook and eat healthy (IG). I do enjoy reading books, traveling and sightseeing, watching good movies and conferences, listening to the music, playing poker. I am also very interested in Christian theology.

If needed please do not hesitate to contact me.